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As students, practitioners and academics we are often too busy trying to manage our current workload to take a step back and “get the big picture” – check the horizon and see what is coming at us..”

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Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

“Mediation is about solving a problem or issue…It is not about winning the war. WHAT IS MEDIATION? Mediation is a dispute resolution process that involves a neutral third party who is skilled in facilitated negotiation....”

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Rethinking Public Consultation

The Ontario Government embarked on a new and different process to engage stakeholders when it was faced with negotiating the Great Lakes Charter Annex Agreements. The results of that collaborative engagement process offered a win-win for all who participated. The Canadian Environmental Law Association completed a lessons learned audit and review of the GLCA process – CELA’s Report, entitled “Rethinking Public Engagement From the Inside Out – A Risk Worth Taking” is available in pdf for download.

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Renew Winter 2008

Splendid Isolation Is Out…Collaboration is In. A new business imperative is emerging – one that is premised on co-creative engagement. Democratic shifts, economic uncertainty and demographic realignment are affecting the way we do business. Securing a social license to operate is no longer nice to need – it is need to do. The following article speaks to the paradigm shift that is emerging away from stakeholder management and toward stakeholder engagement

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Getting the Big Picture

Understanding how our world is changing allows us to make decisions today that will help us shape our highly probable future. Understanding key trends and drivers is an important first step in promoting strategic thinking. The attached PowerPoint presentation offers a glimpse at some of the trends and drivers that may shape our future.

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The Ontario Professional Planners Institute is the recognized voice of professional planners in the Province of Ontario.

The Canadian Institute of Planners is the recognized voice of professional planners across Canada.

The Centre for Innovation in Management is now part of the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University. The Centre offers a number of course offerings in relation to stakeholder engagement and effective dialogue.

U.S. Institute for Conflict Resolution is based in Tucson, Arizona and is funded through the Morris K. Udall Foundation. The institute provides mediation, process facilitation, conflict assessments, training and dispute resolution systems design across the United States. At present, three Canadian mediators have been accepted to the National Roster of Environmental Dispute Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals.

The Ontario Bar Association has an Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector that provides guidance, leadership and ongoing training to mediation and adjudication practitioners. As a result of the growth of the Mediation/Arbitration profession and the introduction of the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Roster associated with court annexed mediations, the OBA, ADR Sector has been busy developing Model Codes of Conduct for dispute resolution practitioners and providing on-going learning opportunities for members to enhance existing and develop new skills in the area of conflict management.